unibz Grades Calculator

During my time in Torino I had some spare time to improve my development skills. Besides developing my first Mac OS X applications, I also started to learn Apple’s new programming language “Swift”.

For my home university called “unibz”, I found it very neat to make myself a study plan. My objectives where the following:

  • have an overview about how many exams I have done to date, and how many are still to be taken
  • translate the Italian grades into the German grade scale and
  • calculating and simulating the impact of my future grades on my final grade

Since calculating the grades is not that straight forward (not to mention programming the application…), I started off with an excel spreadsheet and played around with all the grades until it matched the final grade from the official “Student Portal”.

Taking these formulas, I could much easier create a beautiful looking Mac application that does the same stuff – and even more.

Download the app here: http://bit.ly/unibz-mac-app