About me


Hey there!

My name is Theo. I’m from Berlin, Germany, and passionately develop helpful apps which people can use on a day-to-day basis without getting bored. My personal favorites are the Hockey Bundesligaunibz Mensa App and evertouch. However, the StreaksLove Counter and Age Counter are really cool apps, as well ;-).

While developing apps in my spare time, I recently completed my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the highly recommendable university unibz. Currently, I’m in the middle of my Master’s program in Information Systems at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, while working full-time as an analyst and project manager of a mobile application.
The combination of the two areas economics & IT has already prepared myself with a broad skill set to work as a software developer, IT business analyst and consultant keeping both perspectives under close supervision: The IT development side as well as the profitability and cost-effectiveness of a project.

Anyway, if you use one or more of my personal apps and want me to change certain things to enhance their performance, just send me an email. I’m happy to get back to you. Send an email to Theo